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The public had viewed the war with childlike imagination and completely underestimated the casualties that it would lead.

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In religious terms, witnessing something suggests something very rare or unusual, or something beyond this world; something supernatural, and worthy of great happiness. When he concludes - "These men are worth your tears" he means comrades"You are not worth their merriment"the scorn is not what we should remember Owen for.

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That comrades' faces could be "seraphic for an hour" 16 does not imply even a whole day. English: Portrait of Wilfred Owen, found in a coll The last line contains irony in itself as then soldiers were calm when blood was being thrown around which again links to the idea that they have lost all feelings and humanity. The affecting faithfulness displayed towards fallen troops consequently illustrates how Owen uses poetry as an expression of devotion to his comrades, and as a means of honouring fellow soldiers through written verse. This poem is very sarcastic and facetious, written in response to a comment that Owen's poetry was too depressing. The shift in tone of the poem can be likened to mirror that of the publics perception of the war, particularly World War 1. You and your are placed in the emphatic positions of three of the four lines of the quatrain to embolden the condemnation. The first line states that the narrator has witnessed exultation, or an extended period of epiphany. Despite not necessarily functioning in the way that the dominant British culture demanded, the comradeship formed during the horror of trench warfare prompted the elevation and strengthening of male intimacy, with the love between soldiers serving as an impetus for a vast and affecting collection of wartime poetry.

Get Essay However the poem reads as a contradiction as it is merry yet still about the war. Those not partaking in the war are denied any communal mirth or content and Owen establishes a separation between his audience and the entrenched soldiers; the world of war is not fun and games.

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Therefore, the use of imagery is an exceptional way to show the reader the true conditions of war, from Owen's perspective. That comrades' faces could be "seraphic for an hour" 16 does not imply even a whole day.

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Whatever our questions about merriment, Owen has certainly recorded elsewhere his experiences of exhilaration, of his "spirit surging light and clear", and those in the unlikeliest of situations.

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