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Although many of us believe in the basic Buddhist theory of Karma, we often fail to be patient and seek revenge on those who have hurt.

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Well, this certainly is very true because we get what we deserve and there is a reason behind what we deserve. This idea provides an incentive for Buddhists to behave well towards other people. One must look at both sides with careful eye and determine for they what they believe is true. If you indulge in such acts, someone will do the same to us. In this essay, I will be discussing three major cultures and their beliefs on poverty I was suspended during the week of final exams and almost Confucianism chooses not to focus on things we do not know, so their beliefs on death are limited. I cheated on homework, class work, and tests. It is not easy to understand the reason behind whatever is going on. While it is safe to say that many people would be surprised that there are different concepts to yoga than just stretching and different positions; there are undoubtedly exhausting amounts of specific details and ideas in Hinduism and Buddhism that people are misinformed about These two religions are alike in many ways, and are tied together by Asia, where they have deep roots in its culture and history. However, karma continues to influence a person from one life to the next. The combination of the caste system and the concept of karma have an important part in explaining the consequences of life for the Hindu followers.

Hinduism is the oldest of the three and is said to be the oldest living major religion in the world. The Liberated souls are the perfect souls that are free from physical Karma and thus, have no psychic karma or imperfection.

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The combination of the caste system and the concept of karma have an important part in explaining the consequences of life for the Hindu followers.

While at first glance it may not appear that they are related, they in fact do have a direct correlation. The matter is complicated by the fact that the other Indian religious traditions of Hinduism and Jainism have their own theories of Karma and Reincarnation.

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The doctrine of Karma states that one's state in this life is a result of actions both physical and mental in past carnations, and action in this life can determine one's destiny in future incarnations. Each of the aforementioned criterions contributes to India's culture.

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This feeling should flow through his very nerves and bloodstream and permeate every cell of his body. Unlike most other religions, Hinduism does not have one single founder, one single scripture, or a commonly agreed set of teachings. If something doesn't get cleared in a particular month or year, it is carried forward to the next one. Doing good actions should come from within and it is not something that can be enforced. Karma is not confined to physical actions, mental actions also count. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Relative poverty is when you can only afford the minimum levels of the necessities to life, such as food, clothing, shelter, money, medication etc

Christians believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection on the Cross That is almost the sole interest in the concept of rebirth in the West The Buddha traveled all over India and attracted many disciples.

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