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But in a low concentration of water the amount of solute e. The cutting of the potatoes was the most difficult part of the experiment as although I was recording my results by mass, it could well have affected the surface area and so the overall rate of osmosis.

Furthermore, determine the length of the chip as accurately as possible and do not process the chip. Therefore, it does not affect the heat.

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This is because water has a very high concentration in purified water, which is much higher than the water concentration in the potato cell, so that the water passes through the partially permeable membrane, which expands as potato cells saturate. I will be able to make sure they are all the same weight-using scales. This is why the potato lost even more mass, and it shows that the water potential in the beaker is less than that of the potato chip. This pattern carries would carry on through the graph if there was more range of Molars, and even more mass is lost, as more water moves out of the potato into the solution. In the first experiment the gradient isn't steep as it should be. We will be using a salt There was anomaly which was circled in the graph and didn't fit in with the pattern. It gets less steep as X axis gets bigger. With three concentrations distilled water, 0 and 5 moles , potato chips gained quality. As a result, the cells contracted and contracted FIG. Planning ahead will help me find out the order in which to In a high concentration of water the amount of solute e.

Human blood cells placed in fresh water expand and burst. I could extend my coursework by testing the same brand of chip using a different substance.

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This graph of the change in mass helps prove the point of complete plasmolysis, whereby the potato cannot expand and take in any more water. Simply, will the effect of the action of osmosis be affected by the concentration of the solution.

It is the process in which fluids pass through a partially-permeable membrane. This is very important to our body, which means that the flowing part of the blood plasma in which the cells float must have adequate strength to prevent penetration in either direction.

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Temperature could also be changed for example the samples could be placed in different water baths and brought up to different temperatures to see if temperature played its part in the osmosis of potatoes.

Since this figure shows no difference in quality, we can conclude that the water concentration of the potato cell is the same as that of the surrounding solution.

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The Effect of Osmosis on Potato Chips