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This was the case untilwhen it switched to a managed float of the currency to facilitate a controlled appreciation of the CNY. Commissioner of Canton, Lin Zexu did something that was considered out of character for anyone; he wrote a letter to Queen Victoria. Words, brief phrases, and sentences were coded for this research.

However, BBC News downplayed that as with every other major global event, business cannot be as usual. First, the headline of that article provides readers with a false perception of the reality in the city during that period. Since then, however, the surplus has since narrowed as the currency strengthened and domestic demand increased.

The fifth generation came to power inwhen President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang took the reins of the country.

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Studies Published on Agenda Setting and Framing theories illustration not visible in this excerpt Figure 1. The reasoning behind this study is to show how BBC News capitalized on major events to push forward its frames and its agenda.

The result of this reform was a steady increase in revenues, which jumped from Maybe it doesn't want to.

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China Economy, Politics and GDP Growth Summary